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6” 2-Ply Recovery Strap

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6-Inch 2-Ply Recovery Strap available in 16’ and 20’ Lengths.

You can easily utilize the reliable holding strength of the 6” 2-Ply Recovery Strap from B/A Products Co. to effectively control the recovery process of the vehicle. Built with enhanced strength, this reliable strap can handle most of the tougher jobs. Any challenge in the industry can be overcome with the strap’s unrelenting grip. For enhanced durability, the strap is built from a high-quality polyester thread with a tight weave so that it can resist wearing and tearing during some of the tougher job. During the manufacturing process, we use the most robust industrial needles.

Available in 16’ and 26’ lengths, the recovery strap has a vertical working load limit of 16,500 lbs., a choker working load limit of 33,000 lbs., and a basket working load limit of 13,200 lbs. The strap is equipped with a reliable lined eye for an end fitting, which easily connects to the vehicle’s anchoring points. It offers a superior grip that maintains its hold.