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Single Reusable #6 field repair kit for 3/8 inch hydraulic 2 wire braided hose / Sales trip

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3/8" 2-wire Reusable #6 hydraulic hose repair kits. to be used on 3/8" I.D. double wire braid hydraulic hoses rated at (4,000 ) psi.
Not to be used on super high-pressure skive hose.

This is for your run of the mill snow plow, farm equipment, log-splitter, etc.

***for 3/8 inch ID hose. outside diameter should be .68 inches***

What you will also want in your field repair toolbox (not included with kit!)

-1 pair of vice grip pliers
-2 medium sized adjustable wrenches
-Something to cut the bad line with... best thing you could have is a air die grinder with an air hose with glad hand fittings on the end so you can connect to your truck's air.
-Clean up rags
-Oil spill kit (yup, we sell those too!)