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Safe 'N Secure

Yellow TECNIC Swivel-J Ratchet Wheel strap FULL 10 foot w Tread Grabs / SALES TRIP

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2"x10' Ratchet Wheel Strap, features three rubber tread grabs, and sewn stoppers.
This strap comes with Swivel-J hooks that fits Cottrell trailers. 

YELLOW TECNIC WEBBING is heavier and abrasion-resistant.  IT has a break strength of 18,000 lbs before stitching. We want the strap to be tougher, so we get webbing that is more tightly woven.

Strap and ratchet is 3,333lbs safe WLL.  

Ratchet handle is slightly heavier than the standard ratchets, very nice quality. You won't have to fight with the ratchet to get it to operate like you do with some cheap versions.