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10ft Ratchet Wheel Strap with Double J Wire Hook and 2 ft Low Profile Sleeve

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Ratchet wheel straps with our 2ft long Low Profile Grip Sleeve and Wire Hooks.
10ft long strap plus the short wide ratchet makes this an 11ft assembly.

Ever had the rubber cleats on old school straps get stuck between the tire and fender?
This strap won't give you that problem, since the low profile sleeve comes is about half the thickness of rubber cleats.
The grip sleeve provides excellent grip on standard tires too.

The strap also have reinforced loops at both ends, to protect the hook ends from being chafed aginst the serrated holes in deck plate. We do this to help the straps last longer.

2000 lb working load limit.

Comes in any color you want, as long as the color you want is yellow.