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12” 2-Ply Recovery Strap w/Protective Sleeve

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Made with the kind of strength that you need to handle the vehicle, the 12” 2-Ply Recovery Strap with Protective Sleeve from B/A Products Co. is the right choice for the vehicle recovery job. Offering optimal holding power, the strap is more than capable of getting the job done right. It can help with straightening or rightening overturned vehicles or for pulling them out of difficult situations. The strap is made from high-quality heavy-duty polyester in a tightly weaved thread for greater durability.

Available in 16’, 20’, and 26’ lengths, the recovery strap has a vertical working load limit of 34,100 lbs., a choker working load limit of 68,200 lbs., and a basket working load limit of 27,280 lbs. This strap is equipped with a reliable lined eye that offers superior wear protection. It easily hooks onto the vehicle’s anchoring points for a reliably solid connection.