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2.5" Amber Round Trailer LED Clearance Marker Lights

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  • ULTRA REFLECTIVE POLYCARBONATE LENS - The amber 2.5" round LED side marker uses a specially designed polycarbonate lens to reflect back direct light, allowing your tractor or trailer to be more visible at night and providing a safer driving experience for you and other drivers on the road. The round LED side marker also comes with a “TOP” orientation, designed to allow you to uniformly install multiple units, while maximizing the amount of reflectiveness from each lens.
    • WATERPROOF, SUBMERSION READY - The waterproof IP67 rated LED side markers are fully capable of being submersible. This makes the clearance light ideal for boat trailers that launch and pick up watercraft into the water.
    • EASY INSTALLATION - The OLS amber clearance light comes with a rubber grommet so you never have to mess around with screws. Simply use a preexisting hole, or create a new cut out for the grommet, and use the industry standard two prong plug to light up the night.
    • HIGH QUALITY COMPONENTS - Each amber 2.5" round LED clearance light uses high quality components made in Taiwan, and is reverse polarity protected, meaning that plugging it in the wrong way will not damage the unit itself. The amber clearance light has been certified safe by the D.O.T. and comes with D.O.T. SAE certification printed directly on the unit itself.