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3/8" Grade 80 15" J Hook V-Chain

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These heavy duty V-Chain Bridle are perfect for loading and unloading heavier vehicles and equipment on your flatbed car carrier or trailer. These Grade 80 chain bridles have a working load limit of 12,000 lbs at a 60 degree angle which is great when loading heavy work trucks and equipment. These V-Chains have a 15" j-hook attached to the end of each. The pear link that connects the legs also has two grab hooks connected to it. The pear link provides a dedicated 60 degree pull-point which not only allows for a higher work load limit but enables a safer environment for both the operator and hardware, as it lowers the risk of the hook or other attachment from sliding completely around.

  • Grade: 80
  • Size: 3/8"
  • Length: 3' Legs - 10' Legs
  • WLL: 7,100 lbs. straight pull and 12,000 lbs. at 60 degree angle