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5/16" x 3' Grade 70 Grab & 8" J Hook Ultimate Axle Chain

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5/16-Inch Grade 70 Grab & 8" J Hook Ultimate Axle Chain available in 3' Length

Have you been needing to find an axle chain that helps keep vehicles completely secured and stabilized in order to be transported safely to a new location? Looking for a tool that gives you both the strength and versatility you need each and every day for a variety of jobs? The 5/16” Ultimate Axle Chain; 8 Inch J Hook & Grab Hooks from B/A Products Co is exactly what your team needs.

These tough forged 5/16″ Chains made from Grade 70 steel provide you with an 8″ J Hook on one end and two standard Grab Hooks on the other end to maximize efficiency and versatility without giving up strength where it matters. This product comes in lengths of 3' with a Working Load Limit of 4,700 lbs.