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7/16" X 100' & 150' Fiber Wire Rope Assembly w/Self-Locking Swivel Hook

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7/16-Inch Wire Rope Assembly with Self-Locking Swivel Hook 75' in Length.

The high-quality 7/16" Wire Rope Assembly with Self-Locking Swivel Hook from B/A Products Co. offers you greater holding capabilities for your vehicle recovery and towing job. It has the flexibility of a tie-down strap and the durability of a solid chain, combining the two to create a reliably strong wire rope assembly. Available in 75' length and able to handle a working load limit of 5,120 lbs. at 3.55:1 with a minimum break strength of 18,200 lbs., this is a solidly reliable assembly that is more than ready to take on the tougher challenges. It has a fiber core and a 6x25 construction for superior wear resistance.

Providing the wire rope assembly with even more strength, we have equipped the wire rope with a solid and durable self-locking swivel hook. This incredibly strong end fitting is designed to easily latch onto the vehicle's anchoring points for a solid grip. The 3/8" hook is made from high-quality Grade 80 steel for superior strength, and it features a handy latch that offers better security as it prevents the hook from coming off of the anchoring points.