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8 Point Heavy Duty XL 20' Diamond Weave Strap Kit for Rollback/Flatbed Tie Downs with 12" Chain Tails

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  • Four (4) 2" x 20' Straps for use in Rollback / Flatbed Tow Trucks with Chain Keyholes
  • Four (4) 2" Heavy Duty Ratchet Handles with 5/16" x 12" G70 Chain Tails
  • Four (4) 2" x 14" Matching Dog Bones
  • Premium DIAMOND WEAVE Webbing
  • 3,333 lbs safe WLL (working load limit)

Diamond Weave webbing has Two different patents for abrasion resistance and also edge protection. We guarantee you have never seen a strap that will last as long as this one. We've sold this material for years in the long-haul auto transport market, and are now making this long-lasting product into towing, interior transport, and flatbed tie-downs