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B/A Products AirBar

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The AirBar from BA Products is an inflatable safety device designed to keep emergency personnel, tow operators and road crews safe around traffic. When deployed, the hi-vis membrane quickly fills with air, uncoils, straightens and begins flashing bright LED lights, alerting drivers to the scene and reminding them to slow down and move over.

Available in four kits, the AirBar can be positioned on the passenger side, driver s side or on both sides of any roadside service vehicle. Creating a temporary barrier, the pneumatic device is perfect for car carriers but can also be adapted for use with small and large wreckers as well as emergency and construction vehicles.

The AirBar can be automatically activated when the PTO turns on and retracted when the PTO turns off. The device can also be manually operated with the push of a button. For automated operation, installation requires connecting the included electronic control unit (ECU) to the vehicle s PTO power source. The AirBar has been rigorously tested and proven durable in harsh conditions, including severe cold temperatures. Operators should keep the mounting box free from dirt, debris, snow or ice. Electrical connections should also be checked periodically to ensure they are tight and free from moisture or dirt. Avoid using high-pressure water to clean the AirBar as it may damage electrical components.

Each kit includes detailed installation instructions. See below for kit components.