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B/A Products Co. 1/2" Grade 100 Non-Cradle Grab Hook Hi-Viz Chain

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1/2-Inch Grade 100 Non-Cradle Grab Hook Hi-Viz Chain available in 10' and 20' Lengths

In order to promote safety while working on the job, you can rely on the durable 1/2” Grade 100 Non-Cradle Grab Hook Hi-Viz Chain from B/A Products Co. Available in 10’ and 20’ lengths, this high-quality steel, weather resistant Grade 100 chain is built for durability as it can withstand some of the toughest challenges while out on the road. Able to handle a working load limit of 15,000 lbs., it can also be used for overhead lifting applications as well.

Engineered for both strength and safety, the chain is designed with a highly visible yellow that helps keep others aware of where the chain is. The chain is equipped with a pair of highly durable and solid non-cradle grab hooks. These hooks are engineered to offer a reliable and unrelenting grip on the vehicle’s anchoring points, and its deep throat allows it to hook onto other chain links as well.