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B/A Products Co. 3/8" Grade 100 Non-Cradle Grab Hook Hi-Viz Chain

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3/8-Inch Grade 100 Non-Cradle Grab Hook Hi-Viz Chain available in 10' and 20' Lengths

With the strength of the solid and reliable 3/8” Grade 100 Clevis Grab Hook Chain from B/A Products Co., you will be able to handle the vehicle stabilization job with greater ease and efficiency. Available in 10’ and 20’ lengths, this durable chain is made from high-quality steel that adds a ruggedness that allows the chain to be used and reused over and over again. The Grade 100 Hi-Viz chain can easily handle a working load limit of 8,800 lbs. Its bright finish gives it much better visibility, effectively increasing its safety.

The solid chain is made even stronger with the addition of the pair of reliable non-cradle grab hooks. The hooks are designed with a deep throat that allows for much easier attachment to the anchoring points on the vehicle or to chain links. Once connected, these hooks maintain their grip in a relentless hold that supports the stability of the rest of the chain tie-down assembly.