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B/A Products Co. Grade 100 Oblong & Foundry Hook Chain

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Grade 100 Oblong & Foundry Hook Chain available in 2' Length

The 100 Oblong & Foundry Hook Chain from B/A Products Co. is an excellent choice for when you need more than effective strength to get the job done right. Able to handle a working load limit of 15,000 lbs., this chain assembly offers you unrelenting strength and uncompromising durability. You can get a lot done with the help of this Grade 100 chain, which is available in lengths of 2’ and engineered from high-quality steel for longer lasting durability.

This chain is equipped with an oblong link on one end and a foundry hook on the other end. The oblong link makes it much easier to attach this chain to the rest of the chain sling to extend its length. The foundry hook is designed with a wide and deep throat that allows for quicker and easier hooking onto trunnions and handles on moulds or castings that are commonly used in foundry work.