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B/A Products Co. Grade 80 Chain kit 5/16 X 10' and 20' - Free Shipping!

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Getting the vehicle stabilized and prepared for transport is a lot easier with the reliable help of the Grade 80 Chain Kit from B/A Products Co. This is a complete kit that contains the right types of chains that provide you with maximum holding power, allowing you to handle the tougher jobs with much more efficiency. Taking on the challenges of the industry is a lot easier with the help of these high-quality chains. Each chain is able to handle a working load limit of 4,500 lbs. and is engineered from highly durable Grade 80 chain that is able to withstand constant abuse.

This kit comes complete with four high-quality chain assemblies, which include two 10’ clevis grab hook chains and two 20’ clevis grab hook chains. This gives you plenty of chain to work with so that you can easily and effectively stabilize the vehicle for transit. The clevis grab hooks are high-quality end fittings that are built to take on the tougher jobs. They are designed with deep throats that allow you to hook them right into the vehicle’s anchoring points. They are able to maintain their grip throughout the towing process and also be used for chain-to-chain hooking.