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Collins Aluminum Dolly w/ 4.8" x 8" Aluminum Wheels

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Collins Aluminum SLX Dolly with 4.8-Inch by 8-Inch Wheels

The incredibly durable Aluminum SLX Dolly with 4.8" by 8" Wheels offers superior support when it comes to moving the vehicle. Very easy to install, once you start using this high-quality dolly, you are able to almost effortlessly move the disabled vehicle to where it needs to go. This self-loading Hi-Speed Dolly includes the aluminum 84" telescoping axles with zinc plated ends, the diamond cut finish aluminum wheels, 4.8" x 8" tires, which have a load rating of 3,040 lbs., greaseable aluminum hubs, and an aluminum square pry bar with an orange grip. This entire kit includes everything needed to operate and maintain this high-quality dolly.