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Frame Hook w/G100 Coupling Link

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Grade 100 Frame Hook, Grab Hook, & Coupling Link Chain available in 5 Length

B/A Products Co. introduces our high-quality and durable Frame Hook. This hook is designed to provide an improved connection point to the truck and trailer frames without tip loading the hook for an even distribution of weight. It provides you with a reliable grip that maintains its hold on the frame throughout the entire process. It is engineered from high-quality materials to bring you unchallenged durability. It is able to handle a working load limit of 15,000 lbs.

The Frame Hook comes attached to a 5-foot length of solid Grade 100 chain. This is a durable and reliable chain that is more than capable of withstanding the constant challenges within the industry. There is also a coupling link that allows you to adjust the length of the chain for much easier handling, allowing you to take on more jobs. The assembly is also equipped with a solid grab hook, which is designed with a deep throat that lets it connect directly to the anchoring point or to a link on the chain. Please note that the Frame Hook is not approved for overhead lifting applications.