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Grade 100 Axle Chain Kit w/Omega Link

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Grade 100 Axle Chain Kit with Omega Link available in 6' length

The Grade 100 Axle Chain Kit with Omega Link from B/A Products Co. provides you with exactly what you need to ensure that the vehicle is stabilized for the towing process. This kit includes two Grade 100 Axle Chains in 6’ lengths with Omega Links on one end as well as a QuikBinder Plus to make tensioning these chains so much quicker. Engineered from high-quality steel for uncompromising strength, the chains can easily handle a working load limit of 8,800 lbs.

The omega links are excellent for hooking directly to a vehicle's anchor points for stability. They are incredibly easy to use and provide optimal strength. The QuikBinder Plus features a 3-position pawl that offers the use a choice of ratchet extension, ratchet take-up, or a "free spin" setting for fast adjustment in either direction. It's especially handy for quicker loads. It has a vinyl coated barrel for a strong grip as well as a lockable handle.