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Grade 100 Sea Container Loading Bridle

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Sea Container Loading Bridle available in 5' Length

Engineered with strength in mind, the Sea Container Loading Bridle from B/A Products Co. is our solution to a safer and more secure method for hauling containers during the loading process. Available in lengths of 5’ and able to handle a working load limit of 8,800 lbs. at 30 degrees, this loading bridle is built for better security. Please note that the sea container loading bridle is not approved for overhead lifting.

The sea container loading bridle is manufactured from solid and durable Grade 100 chain that has the strength to easily handle the job. It's built to withstand the challenge and can be reused over and over again. The chain is equipped with dedicated pulling hooks on each end that allow for more secure attachment to the container. There are also built-in shortening hooks for easier adjustment. The loading bridle can be used on either the front or side pocket positions, offering you much more versatility.