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GUNIHUB 45 Universal Rotating Hub

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The GUNIHUB 45 universal rotating hub is the ultimate mobility tool to load a vehicle onto a car carrier or to move it to another location when the brakes are seized or when the vehicle is stuck in the gear. This free-rolling hub adapter also works great for electric vehicles with dead batteries or classic car barn finds that have been sitting for awhile. Just bolt the GUNIHUB 45 to any 4 or 5 lug pattern for full wheel rotation. A locking pin is included to keep the hub from spinning when parked. The hub is also notched to allow for the use of power tools. Please note the GUNIHUB 45 is for non-motorized use and only works with the GUNIWHEEL 45 or 45S temporary wheel replacement system.

  • Free-rolling hub adapter
  • Solid steel w/ bearing system
  • Bolts onto existing wheel studs
  • Notched to allow access for power tools
  • Locking pin included for parking
  • Fits any 4 or 5 lug pattern
  • Only works with GUNIWHEEL 45 or 45S
  • For non-motorized use only