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GUNIWHEEL Fast Puller Multiple Hook Pulling Attachment

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The Fast Puller Multi-Hook works with the Fast Puller dent-removal system from GUNIWHEEL. This aluminum accessory is a versatile and precise "claw-looking" device that follows the contour of dents, providing efficient and effective attachment and pulling capabilities when used with a wiggle wire or Keco glue system.

The self-adjusting feature of the hooks allows for optimal contact, pressure and grip on the surface, ensuring efficient and effective pulling. This tool also accommodates different repair techniques and technician preferences and results in precise and accurate pulling for quick dent removal and professional grade results.

By enabling efficient dent removal and reducing the need for extensive repairs or refinishing, the multiple hook attachment helps auto body shops to save on costs associated with the repair process.The metal construction of the attachment ensures durability and longevity, providing auto body shops with a reliable tool that can withstand frequent use and demanding pulling tasks.

The ability to achieve precise and high-quality dent removal, along with the efficiency and professionalism offered by the attachment, contributes to higher customer satisfaction and loyalty.

  • Self-adjusting pulling hooks
  • Attaches to a wiggle wire or Keco glue system
  • Follows contour of dent
  • Precise and accurate pulling
  • Durable material and construction