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GUNIWHEEL GuniHub and Wheel Kit

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Engineered to perform together, the GUNIWHEEL 45S and the GUNIHUB are your solutions to relocating vehicles which don't want to move. Tow operators can use this portable pair for wrecked vehicles stuck in gear or locked vehicles parked in the wrong spots. Body shops can use them on barn finds or restoration projects with seized brakes.

The GUNIHUB is a universal rotating hub that can be bolted onto existing hubs with either a four- or five-bolt lug pattern. A locking pin is included to keep the hub from spinning while in park or on an incline. A machined notch on the hub allows for the use of power tools during fastening. The GUNIWHEEL 45S bolts directly to the GUNIHUB to provide immediate and temporary mobility.

Since the GUNIHUB works exclusively with the GUNIWHEEL 45S, purchase one of these kits to save time and money. Choose from one-, two- or four-count sets so you have enough wheels when you need them. With these kits, you can spend less time trying to figure out how to move wrecked or disabled vehicles and more time working on them to get them back on the road. (Test)

  • Locking Pin included
  • GUNIWHEEL 45S fits Four and Five bolt hub patterns found on most passenger cars
  • Not for road use
  • 5 MPH Max Speed
  • Carbon steel rim painted orange for easy identification
  • Black polyurethane injection-molded tire
  • Evenly-spaced ribs to prevent overspeeding
  • Slotted mounting holes to adjust to bolt pattern
  • Individual Tire Weight: 34 lbs