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MEVCS1 (Mobile Charging Unit)

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The JRP-MEVCS1 mobile charging unit is an innovative power generation system driven by propane and gasoline. Its stand-alone charging station enables 240-volt AC charging and is ready-to-use, eliminating the need for installation. This esteemed device is highly sought-after by major roadside assistance groups, insurers, carmakers, and even credit providers.


This Mobile Charging Unit guarantees mobility and convenience, and is tailored for roadside EV aid. All-electric vehicles, including all Tesla models with adapter required, are compatible with the unit, providing EV motorists peace of mind regardless of their destination. This EV charging station boasts a simple plug-in to charge, while its modular, free-standing design means no installation is required.


Engineered to support 240 VAC charging and compatible with all electric vehicles, though Tesla requires an adapter, JRP-MEVCS1 provides continuous Kw and charges according to the capabilities of the EV.