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NOCO GB70 Boost HD 2000-amp jump starter and portable power bank

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The GB70 can start a typical vehicle up to 40 times on one charge. The pack's battery holds its charge level for over a year, and it's rated for over 1000 charge cycles. The GB70 is suitable for jump starting cars, boats, RVs, trucks, and other vehicles with gas engines up to 8 liters or diesel engines up to 6 liters. Its patented safety protection ensures spark-proof connections and reverse polarity protection. 


As well as charging, the GB70 also includes a built-in LED flashlight with seven modes, including SOS and emergency strobe. Its 400-lumen output will help you see at night, and also serves as a warning light when your vehicle is disabled and needs roadside assistance. 

This versatile device is made to meet all your 12-volt needs. Whether your problem is a car that won't start or a dark corner of your vehicle, this NOCO will give you the juice you need.