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RimSling Spliced Eye Synthetic Recovery Slings

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Make your recoveries easier with The RimSling! This synthetic rope sling is designed slimmer yet has a higher WLL. The RimSling has a protective Cordura Sleeve over the entire sling giving it maximum protection. Also, it has a special braid guard at the center of the sling providing extended life. A 6" sling eye is located on either end of the sling. The RimSling is also Made in the USA!

The RimSling is the perfect size recovery sling for attaching through the holes in an aluminum truck wheel. Simply feed one end of the sling into a rim hole (from the outside in) and run it back through another hole (from the inside out). This creates a basket with the sling allowing for easy lifting or pulling of a truck or trailer. You can attach your winch line directly to the sling eyes of the rope or use a screw pin shackle. Should the Cordura Sleeve get cut, the strap is still safe to use, just reposition the Cordura Sleeve where the rope will be rubbing. Best suited for aluminum or steel rim attachment points, the RimSling can still be used in many other lifting or pulling recovery applications - provided it's within the working load limit of the Sling.

  • Slimmer synthetic rope maintains higher WLL
  • Protective cordura sleeve over entire sling
  • Special braid guard at the center of sling for extended life
  • 6" sling eyes
  • USA made
  • 5:1 Safety Factor
  • Rated for Overhead Lifting
  • Available Colors: Purple (Standard), Red, Orange, Safety Green, Military Green, Yellow, Blue, Light Blue, Black, Gray, Pink

Synthetic Recovery Slings