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SafeAll Remote Brake Assist

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Preserve your brakes, improve your stopping distance and maintain safety while towing heavy-duty trucks with the SafeAll Remote Brake Assist, formerly known as the Brake-Buddy. Secured inside the cab of the disabled vehicle, this supplemental brake actuator works in tandem with the tow truck and helps keep you in compliance with federal law.

According to federal regulations, combination vehicles in a towaway operation must be able to decelerate at a rate of 14 ft/sec and, from a speed of 20 mph, be able to stop within 35 feet or less (Sec. 393.52 FMCSR). The SafeAll Remote Brake Assist helps meet this requirement by applying brake pressure to the casualty at the same time the wrecker begins to brake.

This proven system works with both air and hydraulic brakes. Powder-coated safety orange for easy identification, the brake actuator is connected to the brake pedal and is secured by claws to the steering wheel. A separate steering wheel lock is also required to prevent the steering wheel from turning and dislodging the actuator under tow.

Air is supplied to the actuator by a hose connected to the rear of the heavy-duty wrecker. For trucks with air brakes, a second line may be required to supply air to the tank to recharge the system. As brakes are applied on the power unit during the tow, air from the service line causes the actuator to apply brake pressure to the pedal of the towed vehicle.

Don't take the risk of towing commercial vehicles without the SafeAll Remote Brake Assist. Overworked brakes overheat and cause premature wear and even failure. With proper training, this system is easy to operate and easy to install. Most importantly, the brake assist keeps you safe on the road and in compliance with federal regulations.

  • Formerly known as the Brake-Buddy Remote Braking System
  • Works with both air and hydraulic brakes
  • Decreases stopping distance
  • Improves FMCSR compliance
  • Powder coated safety orange
  • Safety decal and instructions included
  • Proper training required
  • Operates with air supplied from wrecker
  • Air hoses not included
  • Steering wheel lock required - Part #8-R34CH
  • One-year warranty