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SafeAll Car Carrier Proportional Remote Control System (CHECK FUNCTIONS IN DESCRIPTION)

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  • SafeAll's Proportional Remote Control System allows tow operators to control car carrier or industrial carrier functions with just a twist of the wrist. As the remote is rotated by hand, the selected actuator provides proportional lever action for a precise bed angle, wheel lift placement or desired winch speed. The proportional feature of the SafeAll remote system also provides the operator with the confidence to load or hook up the most luxury vehicles or specialty equipment, limiting the risk of causing damage. The feathered control functionality the SafeAll system provides is also much safer than competitive wireless remote systems, which have very jerky, on-off functionality.

    With the state-of-the-art force to neutral technology of the actuator(s), a sticky spool valve is much less likely to remain open - causing damage and/or injury. Unlike other systems, the SafeAll actuator automatically applies force to bring the control valve to a center position and does not rely solely on the return spring in the valve. Once the operator disengages the remote, the actuator will automatically return the control valve to the closed position, thus stopping the control.

    CAUTION: When manually operating the flatbed car carrier directly at the control station, make sure to physically force the lever of a sticky control valve to neutral so the spool doesn't remain open. A sticking valve is an accident just waiting to happen. When the control valve on a body is sticking, maintenance should be performed immediately.

    The handheld remote keypad offers 300 feet of signal range, keeping the operator well in control but out of harm's way. The remote frequency will not interfere with wireless tow lights. Bluetooth technology aids in actuator synchronization and calibration with the keypad.

    This rollback remote control system comes standard with one actuator to accommodate a single control function, such as the winch In/Out, along with all the necessary mounting hardware - making installation a cinch! Order kits with up to five additional actuators for a total of six function capabilities. If you want to incorporate additional functionality of controls at a later date, simply purchase individual actuators "a la carte" - Using the original remote!

    • Precise proportional control operation - providing the ability to feather the hydraulic function(s) in both directions
    • Rugged and weatherproof actuator design
    • Bluetooth technology aids in actuator synchronization/calibration
    • Over 300-foot signal range for remote keypad
    • Installation/synchronization/calibration instructions included
    • Durable handheld remote
    • Mounting hardware included
    • Two-year warranty
    • Select the desired quantity from the dropdown menu above
    System includes:
    • (1) Actuator (Order up to five additional actuators by selecting the desired quantity from the dropdown menu above)
    • (1) Remote keypad
    • (2) Mounting tabs
    • (4) Carriage bolts, locking washers and nuts
    • (1) Pivot rod with (2) retainers
    • (1) Pushrod clevis and (1) snap pin and (1) jam nut
    • (1) C-bracket with (2) U-bolts and nuts
    • (1) 9V battery
    • Junction Box is NOT Included