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SafeAll Traffic Commander

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Don't put a price on tow operator safety. Invest in a new SafeAll Traffic Commander message board and start creating a safe space for you and your employees working in and around traffic. Distracted driving is a hazard operators face every day. Law enforcement may not always be available to provide effective traffic control. Take matters into your own hands with this industry-leading, truck-mounted LED variable message sign.

Studies have shown the motoring public responds to action words. This board meets federal regulations for roadside signage and features 18" T amber block letters set against a contrasting black backdrop. Messages are legible from 1,000 feet and visible from 3,000 feet. Drivers traveling at highway speeds have more than 30 seconds to react, giving them plenty of time to move over before reaching your roadside scene.

The Traffic Commander measures 62"W and 26"T and serves as a three-in-one traffic advisor: 1.) 4 LED brick message board in the upright position. 2.) 18-LED light bar in the stowed position. 3.) LED arrow stick in upright position. Powered by a single actuator, the 12V board can be raised or lowered in less than three seconds. An optic eye adjusts for light conditions, and the board can still be read from a 30-degree angle, such as a tilted car carrier bed.

The digital sign board mounts to a light pylon on your wrecker or headache rack on your truck with four 3/8" Grade 8 bolts, washers and nuts. Hardware is not included. Wiring is included with 20 feet of 12 ga. power and ground wiring and a third 16 ga. red wire to connect to an existing light bar switch in the cab. Although the unit can be controlled by a mobile device, SafeAll recommends the unit be powered on by the switch while slowing down in traffic.

Each message board emits a WiFi signal and creates its own hotspot, or SSID. The board is operated wirelessly by an included and paired tablet. Known as Quick Links, 10 4- and 5-letter safety messages are already programmed into the board s interface, including Move Left , Move Right Slow Down and many others. Additional messages can be customized and stored in the Traffic Commander s library. An arrow indicator on the tablet notifies the user of the board s position.

This all-in-one digital sign board is built to last. The patented 8x12-pixel LED bricks are weatherproof. Weep holes are drilled into the bottom of the black powder-coated aluminum frame to allow any moisture to escape. Each LED brick can be replaced in the field, and there is no polycarbonate shell to trap condensation and cause fogging and discoloration. Towing companies can also invoice for traffic control to recover the unit s upfront costs.

While designed for towing and recovery professionals, this message board can also be beneficial to road construction crews, emergency personnel or anyone else who needs traffic to pay attention, move over and slow down. Each message board is made in the U.S.A. and is protected by a two-year warranty. Buy one today and start saving lives.

  • Dimensions: 62"W x 26"T x 6"D
  • Weight: 134 lbs.
  • Wiring included: 12V 20 12 ga. power and ground wires, 16 ga. red switch wire
  • 4 bolt installation. 3/8" hardware not included
  • Wireless operation. Pre-programmed tablet included
  • 4 LED bricks. Field replaceable
  • 18"T block letters meet MUTCD requirements
  • 16 LED light bar in stowed position
  • 10 light bar color combinations available
  • 2 additional warning lights on forward-facing side
  • Legible from 1,000 feet
  • Visible up to 4,000 feet
  • Can be read from 30-degree angle in any direction
  • Board angle can be adjusted electronically
  • Can be wired to switch inside cab
  • Powder-coated black aluminum frame
  • Weatherproof with weeping holes
  • Vibration resistant
  • Pre-loaded message library
  • Line item bill for traffic control
  • Operation and installation instructions Included