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Steck BigEasy Lockout Tool Kit

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Steck Manufacturing has been around since 1946 and has continuously manufactured tools and equipment for the collision repair industry for over fifty years.

Police, Fire, Locksmiths, Tow Drivers, and all security professionals are able to unlock cars quickly and easily without any vehicle damage. With the Steck BigEasy, emergency unlocking is fast and easy to unlock. Since no tools are inserted into the door panel, there is no risk of vehicle damage.

This professional kit includes all the essential tools you need for car lockouts. The Steck BigEasy is a 55 inch steel rod coated in a high visibility powder coating. Because of its long length, the Steck BigEasy Tool Kit is ideal for depressing the unlock button, accessing the pull handle, and lifting the lock button. It can get into all the tight spaces. The smooth plastic non-marring wedge does not damage the door or weather stripping.

Made in USA.